This Week at St. John’s
Friday, June 24
9:00am – Over 60 Club (Eagle’s Loft)
5:00p – Dance Group (Youth Room)
Saturday, June 25
1:30pm – Dance Group (Youth Room)
5:00pm – Eucharist (Church)
Sunday, June 26
12:30pm – Iglesia Betania Eucharist (Church)
2:00p – Ecuadorian Group Meeting raise money for organs (Dining Room)
Monday, June 27
 Youth Mission Trip
9:00am- Over 60 Club (Eagle’s Loft)
5:00pm –  Dance Group (Youth Room)
Tuesday, June 28
 9:00am – Over 60 Club (Eagle’s Loft)
10:00am – Staff Meeting (Conference Room)
6:15pm – Yoga (Eagle’s Loft)
Wednesday, June 29
9:00am – Over 60 Club (Eagle’s Loft)
5:00pm – Dance Group (Youth Room)
Thursday, June 30
9:00am – Over 60 Club (Eagle’s Loft)
12:10pm – Eucharist (Chapel)
7:00pm –  Boy Scouts (Teen Headquarters)
Friday, July 1
9:00am – Over 60 Club (Eagle’s Loft)
5:00pm – Dance Group (Youth Room)
Saturday, July 2
Rector Away Vacation
1:30pm –  Dance Group (Youth Room)
5:00pm – Eucharist (Church)



Main Street Parking Lot Alert
Due to the need for repairs, the parking lot across Main Street is temporarily unavailable. The Tishler Company, owner of the parking lot, that generously allows us to park there on Sundays, has assured us that this will be resolved shortly. As soon as it is available ,we will let you know.

Thanks, from the Wheeler’s – Dear St. John’s Family, Carol and I were so touched by your generous outpouring of love and affection in celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  We were amazed by the delicious food, the beautiful decorations, the lovely flowers, a wedding cake, pictures of our wedding album and all your generous gifts.  To everyone who had a part in this special day we give our heartfelt thanks!  Jim+

Joyful Yoga Movement continues Tuesday, June 28 at 6:15 pm— –Move and praise God – Tuesdays from 6:15-7:15 pm June-September. Please join us as we stretch, breath, dance, and pray in the church’s beautiful courtyard. Free will offering. Everyone is welcome! To God be the Glory!

Summer Children’s Program… Godly Play Lite—During the summer we are offering Godly Play Lite in the Blue Godly Play Room for all ages of children and youth who would like to gather at 10:00 a.m. for sharing, hearing Bible stories, doing art work outside, and then going to Holy Communion together.  We invite you…. parents, teens, friends, aunts & uncles, to sign up for a Sunday.  You may want to tell a story, read from a book, share an idea for creating art work…take a journey around the church outside… all designed to help the group to share and wonder and think about the gifts that God has given us… in the world, in the lives of Jesus and His friends, and in our own lives as He has been present with us. There is so much they can learn from you! Linda Clapp will be available to help you plan your presentation or make suggestions. or or 203-348-2619 x15. 204-862-9402 H. There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board next to the Green Godly Play Room…Have fun planning!  We can’t wait!!!  

Part–time Virtual Assistant Needed— An assistant is needed to work with a computer deficient elderly parishioner. Please call John Stearns at 203-975-7509 for more details.

Fr. Wheeler will be away on vacation the next 2 Sundays – The Wheelers will be away July 1 – 15 on a trip to Alaska.  Colin Williams (206-853-8209) can be contacted in any pastoral emergency.  Fr. Eddie Lopez will also be on call.  Please give the Rev. Lynne Harrington, formerly Mother Kathleen’s Rector at St. John’s, North Salem, a warm welcome as she supplies for the Saturday and Sunday worship services.
Christopher Medeus is going on mission – This year St. John’s Middle and High School age members were invited to participate in a mission trip coordinated by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Darien.  Chris Medeus will be on mission this week with fellow Middle School students serving the community center located in Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine.  Please keep Christopher and his fellow missioners in your prayers.

When you’re bringing food to others, you are also feeding God. —Last week, St. John’s donated 18 pounds of non- perishable canned food to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Did you know that a five pound bag of rice could feed 50 of God’s children? Thank you for your donations.

Dear fellow Parishioners/Friends: Thank you for all your help and support to help celebrate Father Jim and Carol’s 40th wedding anniversary. I could not have done it without all of you. You are an amazing group of Godly people. May the Lord bless you with his mercy and love always. 
Yours In Christ 

Prayer List—Please send all prayer list requests for the bulletin to the Parish Administrator, Sandie DeFilippis at

St. John’s Wireless Network—Internet Access is here! – It is available in the Dining Room, basement, Eagle’s Loft, library, and near classrooms. The password for Internet Access at St. John’s is STJOHNS628, which is case sensitive.