Black History Celebration, February, 2017

Photos courtesy of Sandra Clarke
Hosted by Olive Grant and Company
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Toy Drive 2016

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Veterans Day Luncheon, November 12, 2016

Photos courtesy of Sandra Clarke
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veterans-day-luncheon-1 veterans-day-luncheon veterans-day-luncheon-11 veterans-day-luncheon-10 veterans-day-luncheon-9





Taking it to the Streets: Saturday, October 15, 2016

Photos courtesy of Sandra Clarke
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taking-it-to-the-streets-1 taking-it-to-the-streets-2 taking-it-to-the-streets-3 taking-it-to-the-streets-5 taking-it-to-the-streets-6 taking-to-the-streets-4




Imagine the Possibilities: Vestry Lunch Sunday, October 16, 2016
Photos courtesy of Danielle Sullivan
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New Outdoor Signs at St. John’s

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main-street main-and-grove-street grove-street church-front


Blessing of the Animals Sunday, October 2, 2016

Photos Courtesy of Dante Ibanez and Don Bembridge
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blessing-of-the-animals-2016-14 blessing-of-the-animals-2016-13 blessing-of-the-animals-2016-12 blessing-of-the-animals-2016-11blessing-of-the-animals-2016-10






St. John’s Outdoor Service and Picnic Sunday, August 21, 2016

Photos courtesy of Danielle Sullivan
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Outdoor Worship 2 Outdoor Worship 3 Outdoor Worship 4 Outdoor Worship 5 Outdoor Worship 6 Outdoor Worship 7 Outdoor Worship 8 Outdoor Worship 9 Outdoor Worship 1








2nd Floor Bathroom Renovations 2016

The renovations to the 2nd floor bathroom near the Addison Room are completed.
Thank you to our Sexton, Dante Ibanez for all of your hard work!
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2nd floor bathroom stalls before2nd floor bathroom sinks before2nd floor bathroom sink after


2nd floor bathroom wall 2nd floor bathroom stall after 12nd floor bathroom stall after






Easter at St. John’s 2016

Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 26, 2016
Photo Credit: Danielle Sullivan
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Easter Sunday 8 Easter Sunday 7 Easter Sunday 6 Easter Sunday 5 Easter Sunday 4 Easter Sunday 3 Easter Sunday 2
Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016
Photo credit: Dante Ibanez
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Easter 1 Easter 2 Easter 3 Easter 4 Palm Sunday




Women’s Evening Friday, February 19, 2016

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women's evening 1 women's evening 2 women's evening 3 women's evening 4 women's evening 5




2nd Annual Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert February 21, 2016

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Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 5Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 1Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 2Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 3Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 4Stephen Clapp memorial Concert 9Stephen CLapp Memorial Concert 6Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 8Stephen CLapp Memorial Concert 7

Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 12 Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 11 Stephen Clapp Memorial Concert 10










St. John’s 2015 Christmas Show Photos

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Christmas Show 19Christmas Show 18Christmas Show 16Christmas Show 15Christmas Show 7
Christmas Show 9Christmas Show 10
2015 Christmas Show Boy Scout Troop 5 1Christmas Show 2Christmas Show Boy Scout Troop 5 2
Christmas Show 8Christmas Show 6Christmas Show 5
Chiristmas Show Mother Kathleen 2Christmas Show 1
Christmas Show 32015 Christmas Show SandraChristmas Show 11Christmas Show Fr Eddie Pat Chery and Mother Kathleen










2015 Fall Fundraiser “Broadway at St. John’s”

October 17, 2015

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Broadway at St. John's outdoor signage2015 Fundraiser Street Sign HallwayBroadway at St. Johns Newspaper Advertisement2015 Fundraiser Rehearsal Choir Frank Mastrone2015 Fundraiser Bar Table Ron Bacchi Marion George Jon Saunders Father Jim
2015 Fundraiser Church Entrance2015 Fundraiser Table Decoration Baronial Hall 22015 Fundraiser Red Carpet Shideh 22015 Fundraiser Red Carpet Olive, Sandra, Shideh2015 Fundraiser Red Carpet Peter Stroili and Joanne
2015 Fundraiser Appetizers Phyllis Wilson2015 Fundraiser Red Carpet Anna Marie Frank Mastrone2015 Fall Fundraiser Bulletin Board Deco2015 Fundraiser The Band2015 Fundraiser Lenore Frank Mastrone Anna Marie Choir



2015 Fundraiser Church Flowers2015 Fundraiser Frank Performance2015 Fundraiser Mets Auction Item2015 Fundraiser Lenore Frank Anna Marie 32015 Fundraiser Danielle Sullivan Peter Stroili Jon Saunders Giving Tree





Pentecost Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Church Doors Pentecost Sunday 2015Denise Wade Mother Kathleen Pentecost Sunday 2015Food table Pentecost Sunday 2015Father JimDining Room Pentecost Sunday 2015
George Howard Pentecost Sunday 2015Sunny Stearns Jewell Brain Linda Clapp Carol Wheeler Pentecost Sunday 2015Dante at the Grill Pentecost Sunday 2015Dining Room Annalisa DiNucci Olive Grant Anna Marie D'Ambrosio Pentecost Sunday 2015Fran Caballero
Phyllis Wilson Welcoming Table Pentecost Sunday 2015Linda Clapp Susan Bolognino Sheelagh SchlegelJennifer Roland Kids on the green Pentecost Sunday 2015Kids on the green Pentecost Sunday 2015Jennifer Roland kids on the green 1 Pentecost Sunday 2015
Kids Table Dining Room Pentecost Sunday 2015

New Lighting Makes Everything Brighter at St. John’s

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Library Lighting 4 Library Lighting 3 Library Lighting 1 Library Lighting 2 Outdoor Lighting 3 Outdoor Lighting 2 Outdoor Lighting 1







Easter Vigil – Saturday, April 4, 2015

(Courtesy Henry Garcon Photography)
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Father Eddie Lopez Father Jim Mother Kathleen Easter Sunday Father Jim Easter Sunday Father Jim Easter Sunday 4 Father Eddie Lopez Father Jim




Tiffany Stained Windows Tour and Social Tea, October 18, 2014

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HatsPeter Stroili Church HistoryFather Jim PrayerGary Higgins 1Chris Shepard 1
Chris Shepard 2Organ 2Windows 6Windows 1Windows 2
Olive GrantJiannethe Grajales Sunny StearnsRaffle table
Run 4 Haiti Pre-race Dinner, October 10, 2014
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Run 4 Haiti 1Run 4 Haiti 2Run 4 Haiti 3Run 4 Haiti 4Run 4 Haiti 5

Blessing of the Animals, October 5, 2014

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Blessing of the Animals 1Blessing of the Animals 2Blessing of the Animals 3Blessing of the Animals 4Blessing of the Animals 5
Blessing of the Animals 15Blessing of the Animals 13Blessing of the Animals 7Blessing of the Animals 9Blessing of the Animals 6
Blessing of the Animals 12Blessing of the Animals 18Blessing of the Animals 23Blessing of the Animals 20Blessing of the Animals 19
Blessing of the Animals 14
Thank You Claudio, Welcome Dante! October 5, 2014

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Claudio Cake

Jim Claudio DanteJim and Claudio FarewellClaudio 3Dante Claudio Cake




Great Welcome Sunday, September 21. 1014
Great Welcome Sunday Outdoor Banner 2014Great Welcome Bulletin BoardGlenn Fran OliveDSCN0464Jennifer Roland Great Welcome
Glenn Fran OliveDSCN0467DSCN0466
Pentecost Sunday Service, June 8, 2014

Combined Service and Picnic with Iglesia Betania and L’Eglise de L’Epiphanie

Happy 25th anniversary L'Eglise de L'Epiphanie!

Happy 25th Anniversary L’Eglise de L’Epiphanie!

ChurchServiceEntranceKathleen and JimRev. Lopez and Rev. Moisebaptism2Revs Lopez Jim Moise 2





Choir Mark and ChrisChoir4 Choir3EpiphanieChoir2EpiphanieChoir1





ChurchService2CommunionMotherKathleenChurchServiceRecessionalRev. Lopez and Rev. Moise 2EpiphanieEntrance





Picnic1EpiphanieCakeFather Jim PicnicPicnic2BetaniaPicnic











Tuesday Bible Study field trip to Holy Cross Monastery, May 28, 2014

Holy Cross Monastery 1Holy Cross Monastery 2Holy Cross Monastery 3Monastery4