Sermons – The Rev. Dr. James R. Wheeler

Superheroes and Jesus 4-9-17

JRW Sermon The Runaway Bunny and the Seeking all Knowing God 7/20/14

JRW Sermon The Rest for Our Souls – Yoked to Jesus 7-6-14

JRW Sermon Lord, how is it that you will reveal yourself to us and not the world 5/25/14

JRW Sermon Where Is Our Spiritual Home? 5-18-14

JRW Sermon Resurrection Tsunami Easter Sunday 4-20-14

JRW Sermon Cross of Contradiction Good Friday 04-18-14

JRW Sermon The Mandates of Maundy Thursday 4-17-14

JRW Sermon Lord, if you had been here


JRW Sermon God’s Glory In The Face Of Christ 3-2-14

JRW Sermon Respect 2-16-14

JRW Sermon Fabulous Light 2-9-14

JRW Sermon God Shows No Partiality 1-12-14


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